Trees • ዛፎች

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Birr 0.15, 0.35, 0.5, 1.00
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Lithography in Four colors
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October 12, 1993
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Enschede En Znen

Trees are plants which usually have a single main stem, the trunk arising from the ground and growing for some distance before it branches: Trees are always woody and perennial. In this issue, four different kinds of trees are depicted and described beneath.

Euphorbia Ampliphylla :-It is a tree with a height reaching to 30m. with a rounded, often rather open crown, at least some lower branches persistent; trunk with dark fissured bark. Stems broadly 3-4 winged, 10-15cm. wide. It is extensively used in higher rainfall areas for live fencing. It grows in areas having an elevation from 1200-2700m. above sea level in the regions of Tigrai, Gondar, Wollo, Gojjam, Shewa, Illubabor. Kefa. Sidamo! and hararge.

Erythrina Brucei :- It is a tree up to 15-20m. tall; with prickly branches. It grows in edges and open places of upland forests or woodlands in the regions of Wollo. Wollega, Gojjam, Sidamo, Bale, Hararge. Illubabor. Kefa. Gondar Gamo-Gofa and Shewa having a height of 1400-2600m. above sea level. It can be grown easily from cutting and is used for hrewood and also to form live fences. The wood is very soft and hollowedout branches are used for traditional beehives.

Dracaena Steudneri :- A tree 20-40ft. high and rarely 60ft., branching at a narrow angle to the stem. The bark is grey-brown to reddish. The leaves are crowded and the flowers are white or yellow-white in colour. It is highly distributed in most broadleaved forests of the south, south-west and west of the country. It is widely used for live fences, firewood and the flowers for bees.

Allophylus Abyssinicus :- It is a tree 15-25m. high with smooth and gray bark and branchlets. It is a forest tree good for bees and is useful for handles of agricultural implements. It grows in Tigrai, Gonder. Shewa, Arsi, Gojjam, Wollega. Kefa. Sidamo, Bale and Hararge and in other countries of Africa like South Sudan, Uganda. Kenya. Tanzania, Rwanda, East Zaire, Mozambique. Malawi and Zimbabwe.