Transitional Government of Ethiopia • የኢትዮጵያ የሽግግር አመት

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Stamp ID: 9124
Birr 0.15, 0.35, 0.5, 1.00
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Lithography in four colors
Date of Issue:
March 31, 1994
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The house of Questa-ENgland 20 cents each

The different governments that came to power at different times ruled the country as despots and tyrants so much so that only struggle proved the sole option left for freeing Ethiopia from the grips of poverty and suffering and changing it into a country wherein democracy and economic justice prevail. Today, Ethiopia has become a country making a triumphant march forward, registering one victory after another following the demise of the dictatorial Derg regime through the united struggle of the peoples and democratic forces. Four Commemorative Stamps with regard to the Transitional Government of Ethiopia are indicated and briefed below.

First Anniversary of EPRDF’s Control of Addis Ababa:

The Ethiopian people attach great significance to May 28, 1991. It was on that day that the forces of peace and democracy scored a decisive victory over the military dictatorship, with the EPRDF playing a fore-front role. May 28, should remind all Ethiopians of the enormous sacrifices genuine patriots and militants had paid, including! their precious lives in order to deliver the country and its people from the ruthless rule of the Derg. It is! thanks to their determined and dedicated struggle that the people of this ancient though impoverished country were able to breathe a sigh of relief and embark upon the path of peace and democracy.

Peaceful and Democratic Transition Confrence of Ethiopia: By consolidating the victories they have scored through great sacrifices,the people of Ethiopia continued to take measures that enabled them to march along a reliable path of struggle. One of these measures was the holding very shortly of the national conference that put a corner stone for guaranteeing the democratic rights of the people respecting the rights and equality of nations and nationalities. This conference which was held in Addis Ababa from July 1 to 5, 1991,established a Transitional Government and adopted a charter embodying! guidelines by which the government is to be guided and principles to serve during the transition period.

National(Regional) Self-Government Elections:

The nations nationalities and people of Ethiopia, through their struggle against the political suppression, economic exploitations, and cultural oppression have been able to topple the last regime of military dictatorship and have possessed considerable achievements. On the light of the Charter affirmed in the peaceful and democratic conference, any nation, nationality or people has become in a position to administer its own affairs within its geographic area. Moreover, fourteen Regional Transitional Self-Government administrative regions are considered and the right of nations, nationalities and peoples to self-determi nation and to determine their own affairs by themselves is being practiced.

Coat of Arms of the Transitional Government of Ethiopia: The drawing against a light green background, comprises a pigeon, scale, bridge, a wheat strain and a factory gear which symbolize, respectively, peace, justice and democracy, transition, the peasantry and industrial labor. The background signifies the country’s natural resources potential.