Traditional Ceremonials Robes • ባሕላዊ የማዕረግ ልብሶች

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Stamp ID: 9045
Birr 0.15, 0.80, 1.00
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Lithography in four colors
Date of Issue:
January 1, 1992
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Cartor S.A(france)

In the past, the Ethiopian Government used to give honorary titles for the aristocracy, noblemen, officials, clergy men and madams. The appointive name or the position given was serving not only in the life time of the appointed bu also after death The title names can be classified in five major categories. Title for the:-

  • Aristocracy
  • Army
  • Civil
  • Patriots
  • Clergy The present issue which is the second on this subject is related to some of the then honorary titles that had been given to the military group. These are:
  1. Balambaras :- Honor title
  2. Kegnazmatch : – Commander of the right (title of distinction)
  3. Fitawurari – General of the Vanguard
  4. Dedjazmatch :- Honorary title
  5. Balam baras :- 5 c. – This title is lower than Kegnazmatch and higher than a captain and appointed in different regions of the country with ceremonial robes of single golden stripped cloak and gown.
  6. Kegnazmatch :- 15 c. – This title is mor higher than a captain. The one apollo Kegnazmatch could have some indi under him. The ceremonial robes associated 1 were mantle of cloth or lion skin w strip; double stripped cloak an golden stripped gown.
  7. Dedjazmatch :- 80 c. – Honorary title some selected individuals in Sidamo, Bale and the like regions. The ceremonial robes assigned to this were cloak and gown decorated in gold and silver.
  8. Fitawurari :- 1 Birr – The minister of the army was appointed Fitawurari. Next to the king, he could exercise power by commanding the army in war time and was responsible administer the military group in peace me He could also command the officials under him. The robes he used to wear were mantle of cloth or lion skin decorated in gold and silver, double golden stripped gown; the base embroidered in silk.