Next Stop

Digital technology has revolutionized trade just like other sectors. The advances in Information Technology have made the traditional letter post irrelevant as communication has become a lot easier and more efficient. On the other hand, this advance has helped postal operators modernize their businesses and venture into new business endeavors.

Leveraging their competence in logistics, postal operators have enabled e-commerce transactions. Although the modes differ, operators play some key roles in e-commerce transactions.

Ethiopost has implemented some initiatives to prepare for e-commerce operations. It is already handling the logistics of e-commerce shipments to domestic and international destinations. But it plans to do more to enable e-commerce transactions for the domestic and international markets.

Although there are some supply chain challenges with regard to data exchange, Ethiopost has made a lot of operational improvements to meet the requirements of e-commerce operations.

We are currently implementing an e-commerce project as part of the Small and Medium Enterprises Finance Project (SME FP) to create market opportunities for SMEs. 

Digital Financial Services (DFS)

Ethiopost was known for its remittance services. At a time when bank branches were rare in remote parts of the country, Ethiopost reached citizens to deliver financial services. It also paid the biggest chunk of pensions throughout the country. Cash payouts and payment collection are some other financial services our organization provides. 

Ethiopost is working to modernize its financial services by digitizing.  We plan to play our role in financial inclusion by providing accessible and easy-to-use DFS.